Thursday, April 03, 2008

Auto configure Vodafone Live for Iphone

Okay, kush and some other person had asked for an app/script that automatically configures vodafone live on the Iphone. I have manged to make it, it can be found on my installer source,

Instructions to install are same as installing airtel live(click here).

However, I would like to inform you that I do not have a vodafone connection, so I could not test the settings. I have made the app on the basis of the Vodafone live settings i found on the net. I would request someone to install the app and see if it works out(kush, can you give it a try).

These are the settings that the app configures
apn: portalnmms
port: 9401 (update 14/4/08 - With kush's and Hegde's help I found out that port 8080 does not work for vodafonelive, instead it works with port 9401, so now i have updated the mod to configure port 9401, thanks to Kush and Hegde)

Also, as with Airtel Live, there are two apps for Vodafone Live in the source, one for 1.1.2 and below iphones and the other for 1.1.3 & 1.1.4 iphones. So, Install as per your iphone version.

Take Care,
Incredible India


Anonymous said...

thanks so much
Ill try it out and tell you

Anonymous said...

Im getting my vodafone live
will tell u as soon as it gets activated
thanks once again

Anonymous said...

im having a problem
Safari says could not connect to server and at other times it says server stopped responding
what can I do
I got vodafone live activated

Incredible India said...

Hi kush,
try this, install bossprefs from utilities category from installer, after it gets installed, open it and see that you have edge set as'on' or not, also are you getting an 'e' icon neat the signal bar?
Now open safari and open,, let it load for a while, see if it gives any error, now press the home button and open bossprefs, wait a while, see if you can see some ip address near 'edge box', if it's somewhat like 10.*.*.*, i believe the settings are fine. try it out and let me know.

Take care

Anonymous said...

yes I'm getting the e icon I tried the bossprefs thing
it still shows the safari couldn't cennect to server message
but in bossprefs I can see 10..... At times but at other times it shows na even though my wifi is turned off
could someone else confirm that this is working so that i can try and restore my phone again

Singh said...

Hi Kush
Vodaphone live doesn't work on iphone due to slow data connection,you will be connected to internet but will not able to open any page due to slow data network of vodaphone gprs.
You can ask Vodaphone to activate data connection on your vodaphone account which cossts INR 200 as rental and 5paisa/10 kb as usage charge,another plan is rs 500 as rental and 500MB are free on this plan.
Curently I am using 500 plan on my phone and internet works fine
For setting you have to put
"www" as APN in edge connection settings ,leave user and password blank.

Incredible India said...

Hi kush & singh,
thanks for the info Singh.
Kush, just confirm if this is the case, by the way airtel live also is a bit slow as compared to the airtel paid data plan of Airtel Mobile office. Still i manage to at least open google and other webpages in Airtel live and also can refresh the data in stocks and weather app easily.

Anonymous said...

thanks anyways guys
vodafone live is slow
but is it that slow that it takes like 40 seconds to try to load google and then not show it up.
if only someone could confirm that vlive is working on their phone
ill try a restore
Maybe you are right Singh
but ill still give it a try because I dont want to get mobile office activated as it is very costly

Incredible India said...

Hey kush,
Can you please tell me what firmware you are on?
Right now, I have configured my vodafone settings to configure the proxy on port 8080, but as Hegde pointed out in comments section on the Airtel live post, vodafone live works on the port 9401.
I believe this can be the reason that you are getting an ip address assigned in the form 10.*.*.* but not able to open any webpages. Even if vodafone live is slow, the page should eventually open up, if it does not, my settings are wrong.

Now, here's what i can do, you tell me your firmware and i'll make two mods accordingly, one which uses the port 9401 and other that uses 9201, you can try out both and see if any works out.

Incredible India

Anonymous said...

I'm on 1.1.4
I really appreciate incredible India that you are tring to help me out

Incredible India said...

Hi kush,

i have posted two new mods on my repository, 9401 and 9201, refresh sources and they should show up.
Now do this,
1. Install the vodafonelive app(if it's already installed, skip this step)

2. install the 9201 mod(this will change the proxy port to 9201)

3. Restart phone, and try opening

If this does not work, uninstall 9201 and install 9401 and check.

I hope one of these works out.

Do post the results.


Anonymous said...

yup thanks
so much incredible india
the 9401 mod worked
thanks so much

Incredible India said...

HI Kush,

You are most welcome, feels good to get the job done, ;-).
Thanks to you too, without your testing i couldn't have done it.

Anyways, i have edited the vodafonelive mod to configure the port 9401 from now on, so now you just have to download vodafone live only.

If there any other comments and suggestions, please feel free to tell me.

Take care,
Incredible India

Musta Haque said...

Hello Incredible India,
I am moving to Bangladesh, this month and would like to use my iPhone there I have no idea how to Modify the proxy setting and stuff manually if you could make a auto configure thing for me that will be greatly appreciated. I think you'll find all the info you need on this site.

if you could help that will be awesome.
thank you

p.s. i am going to be using GrameenPhone as my service provider. thanks agian

Incredible India said...

Hi Musta,

No problems, i'll do it. Is it really urgent, if not i'll do it after 13th june as i am a bit tied till then.
Anyways, is GrameenPhone somehow related to the grameen bank of mohd. younis?

Incredible India

Musta Haque said...

Hello Incredible india,
That will be awesome!! just shoot me an email when you are done. the information found in that other website, is that sufficient enough to make the app?? or do you need more info. if you do let me know and i'll try my best to collect them for you. once again thank you thank you thank you.
Yes, GrameenPhone is partly owned by Dr. Mohammed Yunus and grameen bank.

take care

Musta Haque said...

My bad I am not sure if the information on that link is accurate. because the proxy seems to be of T-Mobile USA's (I could be very wrong)
if you go to this link.
i think you can find the right information you need.
I am new to this so i am a bit flustered so your help is much appreciated!!