Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Umaid Bhawan Palace theme

I have also added a theme to my installer repository http://www.kansara.in/installer.xml
Here is the preview,
As you can see the theme is best when the icons are arranged in 3-lines only, so that the space just above the dock remains free.

If you have any more ideas or suggestions about themes and other stuff, post in the comments section.

Take care,
Incredible India

Configure Airtel Live automatically through my installer source, www.kansara.in/installer.xml

After a long hiatus, I post again!!! Also, Please do not use the previous posts as they have all become obsolete and are no longer useful with Iphone firmware versions 1.1.2 and above.

Previously, I have posted ways to manually configure Airtel Live on your Iphones but still I found that those steps were a bit complicated for many people.

So to save all the confusion, I have managed to set up my installer source and it presently has a very small app, 'Airtel Live Edge settings'. This automatically configures Airtel live on your iphone.

1. In your installer sources add the source http://www.kansara.in/installer.xml
2. After refreshing sources finish, go to install and you should see the category Incredible India
3. In this you will find two apps, Airtel Live Edge Settings(1.1.2 and below) and Airtel Live Edge Settings(1.1.3 & 1.1.4), install the one according to your iphone firmware.
4. Restart your phone, goto Settings->General->Network->Edge->APN. APN should be airtelfun.com, if it's not manually enter it.
5. You are ready to roll, open safari and open a webpage like www.google.com or live.airtelworld.com

Warning: I have made the app with the best intentions, however if anything goes wrong, I do not take any responsibility.

Also, if you want settings for any other network to be added drop me a comment.

Take Care,
Incredible India