Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Configure Airtel Live automatically through my installer source, www.kansara.in/installer.xml

After a long hiatus, I post again!!! Also, Please do not use the previous posts as they have all become obsolete and are no longer useful with Iphone firmware versions 1.1.2 and above.

Previously, I have posted ways to manually configure Airtel Live on your Iphones but still I found that those steps were a bit complicated for many people.

So to save all the confusion, I have managed to set up my installer source and it presently has a very small app, 'Airtel Live Edge settings'. This automatically configures Airtel live on your iphone.

1. In your installer sources add the source http://www.kansara.in/installer.xml
2. After refreshing sources finish, go to install and you should see the category Incredible India
3. In this you will find two apps, Airtel Live Edge Settings(1.1.2 and below) and Airtel Live Edge Settings(1.1.3 & 1.1.4), install the one according to your iphone firmware.
4. Restart your phone, goto Settings->General->Network->Edge->APN. APN should be airtelfun.com, if it's not manually enter it.
5. You are ready to roll, open safari and open a webpage like www.google.com or live.airtelworld.com

Warning: I have made the app with the best intentions, however if anything goes wrong, I do not take any responsibility.

Also, if you want settings for any other network to be added drop me a comment.

Take Care,
Incredible India


Anonymous said...

Please make one for
It will be really appreciated

Kush said...

one for vodafone live
please please

Incredible India said...

Hi Guys,
I will be posting an app to automatically configure vodafone edge settings asap.
The only reason I could not do it is that I do not have a vodafone number on which i can check it.
Please wait a couple of days.

Take Care

Prad said...

i've added the source. No mistakes whatsoever in added the correct source..

After refresh, incredible india does not show up nor does airtelive gprs setting app..

khannan said...

I tried installing the settings on my 1.1.4 iphone but a message is displayed that 'Could not activate EDGE' even if E icon is shown.

Incredible India said...

@prad - just refresh the sources again and now it will show up, it sometimes happens that the source does not come up when you refresh it the first time. But it shows up when you refresh again.

@khannan - Although this should not come, just make sure you have airtel live activated on your number and also install bossprefs from utilities category. Then try to open some webpage in safari, press home, open bossprefs and see if near edge some IP address is displayed like '10.*.*.*'

Hegde said...

Vodafone settings
proxy IP:
proxy port: 9401

Incredible India said...

Hi Hegde,
thanks for the update on the settings, I have updated the vodafonelive app on my installer source, so that now it configures port 9401(i was previously configuring 8080, which did not work). Now vodafonelive is working fine.

Take Care,
Incredible India

Sajid said...

I downloaded your installer and tried but it is not working. I have a version 1.1.4
Installed it and entered manually airtelfun.com. Do I need to install bosspref also


Incredible India said...

Hi Sajid,
No, bossprefs is not neede for the mod to run, it's just a tool you need to check if things are working properly.
After you installed the mod, was the apn section where you entered airtelfun.com still empty, coz my mod automatically enters airtelfun.com, no need to manually enter it.
Also, try this,
1. restart phone
2. install bossprefs
3. open safari
4. open some page like live.airtelworld.com and let it load for a while
5. now go to home screen and openbossprefs and see if you are getting an ip address near 'Edge'.
Let me know the results.

sacX said...


This sounds great and thanks for taking the time to do it. I have two quick questions.

1. do you know if you need special services added to use edge for vodafone or airtel? i have prepaid cards for both as i am just in the country a short time, I can get the E to come up for VF but it says edge cannnot activate.

2. Will uninstalling your app clean things up? As i'd like to change back to my local settings in a few weeks.

thanks again.

Incredible India said...

Hi Sacx,

1. Actually, for using the free web surfing services(actually activation is free, you are charged by the amount you download) for both Airtel and Vodafone which go by the name of airtel live and vodafone live respectively, you need to configure a proxy server along with the access point name. By default, in the iphone network settings you an set the access point name but they do not allow you to configure the proxy server for the same. So my app just configures them manually. Right now, you are getting the 'edge cannot activate' error as no proxy is configured, my app will solve this. However, i would like to point out this these services are very basic, they have really low speed(as compared to paid edge services like Airtel Mobile Office) and they do not allow access to sites that require secure connections, so you will not be able to check your gmail account and like.

2. As for uninstalling my app goes, yes it will clean up everything it installs, basically it just installs two files, proxy.pac(this is an entirely new file) and preferences.plist(this replaces the original file on the phone but takes backup of the original). So when you unistall it, both these files are removed and the original preferences.plist is restored from backup.

I hope i have provided all the required information.


sacX said...

thanks again I tested this out on firmware 1.14 for vodafone and it worked perfectly. The speed is not too bad, and actually the web version of gmail seems to work ok.

Incredible India said...

hey sacx,
most welcome, once again, :-).
Glad to know that the mod worked out for you, i didn't know that you could access gmail on vodafone live, that's great man. I personally have Airtel live and it does not open secure pages and the speed too kinda sucks, so i was under the impression that the same might be there for vodafone too.
Anyways enjoy and take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bro

Kindly help me with Airtel settings

I m not even able to add ur source as when wver wud try add it ....installer wudnt refresh proper ...says no edge subcribed

kinldy help

I did mail u on the id i got from CONTACT us option of ur homepage/

my id with gtalk

with yahoo:

Wud be greatful for the favours.


Vikas said...

I got airtel live up and running on my iphone 1.1.4 with your old post (involving manual tweaks)2 months earlier.

But somehow, it stopped working after some time.
Now I have tried the same with ur automated application, but I m unable to open any webpage.
Can u guide me, where I m lacking ??

Incredible India said...

Hi Vikas,
My app does exactly the same that I had written in my manual post, the only difference in 1.1.4 is that it's path for where the preferences.plist and proxy.pac files are saved is different from pre-1.1.3 phones.
Did you check with the Airtel help in your area to confirm that edge is working properly from there side.
Also what you can do is, uninstall my app, restart the phone and then install it again.

Incredible India

vikas said...

thanks. Its working now but still there is a problem, google
and yahoo homepage are not opening with edge. I get a message "can not download file". All other websites are working fine on edge and the above 2 are also working on wi-fi only.
Please help!

Incredible India said...

Hey Vikas,
this is quite strange, honestly I don't have any ideas why this is happening. However try this, Instead of typing www.google.com directly in the address bar, use the search bar to search for something and see if it gives the same error or not.

Incredible India

Sajid said...

I upgraded to 2.0.2 and now the gprs browsing is not working...Does this change for 2.0?

Incredible India said...

Hi Sajid,
I broke my iPhone, so can't really help you with the app right now.
However Airtel has started a new service called Mobile Office without subscription, you don't have to pay any monthly charges, you just pay as per you use.
To configure that, you just have to enter the access point name as airtelgprs.com and it starts working without downloading any mods or apps like mine to configure it
Call 121 and see if MOWS is working in your area, if it is, i suggest you activate that on your phone

Incredible India