Friday, December 28, 2007

Download mp3 or ringtones directly to your Iphone and sync without using Itunes

Now MNPlight has been released and this is probably amongst the best Iphone applications that has come out till yet.

Goto for installer source and other instructions, do check out the HOWTOS section.

After you have installed it follow the below instructions,

Downloading MP3 Files
1. Switch off the Iphone and then back on, this will enable the MNPlight safari plugin.
2. click the MNP icon, it will launch safari and open the application in it.
3. look for preferences, click it, choose level of expertise greater than 1.
3. go to bottom, there is a section 'Imported links' and below are three small text boxes for Mime-type, Extensions and Description.
4. In the Mime-type, fill in audio/mpeg, in Extensions box, tap in mp3 and in the description box enter any suitable description like mp3 files.
5. press Add, the values will appear below the textboxes, then at the bottom press 'kill safari'
6. Ralaunch safari, goto any mp3 link(Indians with Airtel sims can goto to download mp3 ringtones), as soon as you click the mp3, a green button saying 'download' will appear and clicking it will start the download.

Syncing the files to Ipod database
7. Now that you have downloaded the file, it is saved on the location /var/root/Downloads in the Iphone file system,
8. Now goto to main MNPlight screen and click playlists, in the Import songs section, in the Directory field enter /var/root/Downloads (take care that you enter the first 'D' in 'Downloads' as 'D' and not 'd') and click 'import songs from directory', it will show a screen saying a few things and that the operation was 'Done !'
9. It will put the song in your ipod library and also make a playlist of the latest songs imported, open Ipod, go to playlists and see if the new playlist has been added and listen to the downloaded song.
10. You are done, additionally use the Sendsong program from installer if you want to export the downloaded song as your ringtones.

P.S. I have just provided these steps so that Indian users can download ringtones from the Airtel live website, I absolutely abhor Piracy and am against it. Please do not use the above methods to download mp3s from illegal sources, if you like a song go and buy the original album, this is the only way to show your appreciation to your favorite artists and musicians.

Also I would just love it if apple soon launches the Itunes India store, waiting for it eagerly!!!!

Also do check out this MNPlight app thoroughly as apart from the above things it has a wide range of other features like importing your google calendar to Iphone(though it has a little problems with time-zones right now, am sure they will be soon solved), accessing Iphone filesystem on your computer, sending files between two iphones, listening to online radios and many other things, Simply a truly great app!!! Kudos to the MNPlight team.

Take Care All

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